Women Side by Side Monthly Group

The purpose of this monthly group is to provide a safe place for women, whose husbands are on our program and are experiencing the effects of indecent and obscene material accessed on digital devices. We specifically assist in the area where this has impacted them the most; in their marital relationship and family.

This group is meant to be supportive and educational in function, and is not meant to serve as a “therapy” group. This group is also not meant to be a “bible study” or "prayer" group although all materials are Christ centered and biblical in nature.

It is a place to learn about sexual wholeness and receive information on what is normal to expect in their own responses, support and fellowship to help alleviate isolation and shame around the issue, and encouragement to take initial steps to facilitate their own health and safety.

The focus of the group is allowing the members to invite God into the process of their healing and restoration. For some, this is a natural part of their already Christian walk. For others, God may seem very far off or not even real. We will seek God together, as group members are able and comfortable.



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